My Ruby Red Lips

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Go have some loving this weekend

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Still life…

still life

Lady Gemma – where will her erotic imagination take her?

The daughters of Lord Pantsdown are each on a voyage of discovery.

For Lady Gemma that journey begins when she spies the gardener’s keen fingers at work on Pantsdown Abbey’s lusty and busty cook.

Gemma’s loins are well and truly stirred. She has no idea where her erotic imagination will take her…

But one thing is for sure – it’s going to get messy.

Lady Gemma
Lady Gemma

Mirror, mirror…




The window…


While I listen…

BLdNNN8CcAALdC6While I listen, listen, listen

at the wall

I hear my heartbeat

tease my finger

feel the blood drum in my brain

the beat of longing

and then the floorboard creaks

and you are there

Accessorize me

Accessorize me...

Accessorize me…




Legs twisted.

Thighs together. Gloriously.

I imagine. Dream. Long.

Bed soft and cold.

Light falls through the window. Warm like a kiss.

A kiss on my hip.

I dream. Long. Imagine.

You under me, over me.

My eyes close.

I squeeze the tops of my thighs tight shut

To close in the pleasure, the ecstasy.

I dream. Dream. Dream.

Face down… Three photos to end the day

Wrists & a gold ring

Wrists & a gold ring

Cool sheet.

Cool sheet.

Come to me...

Come to me…



I think this says it all!

Wise words...

Wise words…

Such a hot kiss…

A bit of steam from another costume drama.

I love this adaptation of Sarah Waters’ novel ‘Fingersmith’ and this kiss between Elaine Cassidy and Sally Hawkins is SO HOT!

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