Noisy Neighbor Makes Me Hump

Saturday, March 24
Arr. in Europe last night. London sunny and hot – didn’t expect that. Spent day visiting all the cute places I’d seen on tv.

There was a flag flying at Buckingham Pal so maybe the Queen of England was inside?

Hotel real nice. Didn’t feel lonely at all. Got a real nice little suite too, with couch and all.

Walked at night. So busy but feeling real safe. Spoke to a couple of cute guys in a bar. They were flirty with me. I did some flirtin’ too, I guess!!

Thought I better leave when I did…

Got back to room feeling a little strange. Had one of those strong English beers which went straight to my head.

Was getting undressed when I realized I could hear something strange. I stood stock still in the middle of my room. My God! It was next door.

I could hear it clearly. A woman panting and breathing heavily. Jez!

I felt myself blush like I was the one doing it. I put my hand to my mouth. Giggling.

The panting went on. Rhythmic. Oh-oh-oh. She was really getting fucked.

I thought of the two guys in the bar.

I suddenly felt strange, kind of serious and excited too. I pulled down my knickers so I was totally naked. The curtains were closed, the lights on.

I went to the sofa. There was a pounding now, a feeling in my pussy, which was begging to be satisfied.

I got over the corner of the couch – a wooden arm with some material across it. It held it tight in my hands and began to grind my pussy.

Oh God! It was good.

The noises were loud, right up against the wall. I could hear the headboard banging. ‘Oh God – Ohyess!’ cried my neighbor.

I gritted my teeth, felt the material against my sopping pussy as I ground my ass and hips against the sofa.

I pulled some bedding across it, making it soft against my thighs. I twisted and turned, trying to get the feeling just right.

I shut my eyes tight, listening to her breathing next door as it slowly blended into the heavy panting inside my own head.

I heard myself, ‘Oh-oh-oh-oh’, as I humped myself against the creaking furniture.

I turned again, pushed my ass in the air and went for it. I stared at my face in the mirror as it twisted and contorted in near perfect pleasure.

Oh-oh—oh-nooo-imcoming,’ called the voice next door.

I pushed myself hard, looking to match my new friend. ‘Yesyesyesyes.’

I gripped the back of the couch, forcing myself harder into it, my pussy hot and damp and soaking the material beneath me.

I wanted one of the strangers from the bar in behind me, fucking me as I rubbed my aching clit.

I shut my eyes, imagined him holding my hips, fucking me hard, forcing my face forward into the upholstery.

My neighbour was gasping now.

‘Yes, oh God, that’s it, that’s it, I’m coming,’ we said together.

I straightened my legs rammed my pussy as I hard as I could against the arm and felt the waves of pleasure overcome me.

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