“Beyond steamy! Thanks, Carla! Coming from you that’s praise indeed!!”

Gorgeous erotic writer Carla Croft has written a lovely piece about me on her blog, Letters Around Midnight.

Carla writes a fantastic series of anthologies of short stories which are witty and super sexy. They are called Threesomes and have a lovely Sex In The City girls talk confessional feel which will make girls and guys hot under the collar.

Please check them out on Amazon!

Carla says of Pippa May’s Virtual Girl: Ruby Red Lips:

“This is a story from an author at the thrusting edge of erotica. Her style puts you right at the centre of the action and as she says herself lets you live out all of your wildest fantasies. A must read. If you are into Erotica you will be into this.

“If you are looking for something out of the extraordinary Miss May has done it again. I really don’t know how she does it. You are right in there, in the heat and heart of the action. Her stories read like your fantasies act out in your head and are all the more powerful for it. Expect to have word images straight into your heat wired brain. I can’t get enough. Steamy? It’s beyond steamy.”

Beyond steamy! Thanks, Carla! Coming from you that’s praise indeed!!