Getting Intimate…

Found out more about why I write and what I enjoy about it on my author’s page on Smashwords.

I talk about my Virtual Girl fantasy shorts:“I want to get as intimate as I can with the reader. E-readers and Kindles mean I can create a fantasy in which I am talking directly to them. That’s very erotic for me and hopefully very sexy for the reader.”

And – of course – about my novella Pantsdown Abbey: “I’m just a great fan of all costume dramas. I watch them all. And what struck me is that they are all really about sex. About who is thinking about it or who is having it. They are often about how people are repressing those desires but they are having them just like you, me and anybody around now.”

Ruby Red Lips – Relaunched in Deluxe Edition

Since my Virtual Girl sexy POV shorts first appeared they have shocked and sometimes divided readers.

Some have wanted more romance. Virtual Girl is not about romance.

These are raw sex fantasies, creating a POV experience in which the reader assumes the ‘point-of-view’ of my Virtual Girl’s lucky lover.

Within the intimacy of an e-reader or computer this creates a mesmerising and arousing erotic experience.

As one reviewer – a leading erotic writer – noted of the series: These are stories “from an author at the thrusting edge of erotica. Her style puts you right at the centre of the action and lets you live out all of your wildest fantasies.”

“I can’t stop dreaming about sex. But I’ve a problem: I just want to let people do things to me. I just want my body to be their plaything.
I want my pussy, ass and mouth fucked. I want hands all over me. I want lips on my tits, in my ass and pussy.
I want bite marks on my shoulder. Slap marks on my butt.
I want to be desired and devoured. I want to be ravished. I want your rough hands and your hard hips.”
Virtual Girl

Ruby Red Lips on Kindle UK

Ruby Red Lips on Kindle US

Ruby Red Lips for other e-readers and computer download

* So what is POV? This video should give you some idea of the effect created by Pippa May’s Virtual Girl.

Carefully Applying Red Lipstick To Her Lips

“Sex. Where Everyone Can Hear You Scream.”

Just for fun last night I started thinking about alternative taglines to movies.

By ‘taglines’ I mean those few words they stick on the poster to sell the film to you. And by ‘alternative’ I mean anything to do with sex – of course!

See what you think. But I bet you can do better.

“Sex. Where Everyone Can Hear You Scream.” (Alien)alien_movie_poster

“You Won’t Know Unless You Blow.” (Mystery Date. No, I haven’t seen it either.)

“Shaft’s His Name. Shafting’s His Game.” (Shaft, of course)

“You Like To Watch, Don’t You? Damn Right I Do.” (Sliver)sliver

“Life Is Like A Mystery Package From Love Honey. You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get. But You Know You Need To Close The Curtains.” (Forrest Gump)

“In Love, There Are No Boundaries.” (It’s from the English Patient. So good, I didn’t want to change it!)

Give me some suggestions for better ones! As filthy as you like!


Turn It Up to Eleven!

Thinking back to this post about erotica around the house, has anyone ever tried that hi-fi speaker thing from the Howard Stern movie, ‘Private Parts’?

Crazy film. But kind of brilliant too.Private Parts (1997)

Stern has this caller to his show straddle a hi-fi speaker as he talks and blows down the microphone.

The vibrations, of course, rattle the speaker and go straight up her woofer.

Can that be done with your CDs? If so, what works best – rock, rap or R ‘n’ B?theresa lynn

The lady is played by Theresa Lynn, by the way. And she has one of the best onscreen credits in movie history.

‘Orgasm Woman.’