“Sex. Where Everyone Can Hear You Scream.”

Just for fun last night I started thinking about alternative taglines to movies.

By ‘taglines’ I mean those few words they stick on the poster to sell the film to you. And by ‘alternative’ I mean anything to do with sex – of course!

See what you think. But I bet you can do better.

“Sex. Where Everyone Can Hear You Scream.” (Alien)alien_movie_poster

“You Won’t Know Unless You Blow.” (Mystery Date. No, I haven’t seen it either.)

“Shaft’s His Name. Shafting’s His Game.” (Shaft, of course)

“You Like To Watch, Don’t You? Damn Right I Do.” (Sliver)sliver

“Life Is Like A Mystery Package From Love Honey. You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get. But You Know You Need To Close The Curtains.” (Forrest Gump)

“In Love, There Are No Boundaries.” (It’s from the English Patient. So good, I didn’t want to change it!)

Give me some suggestions for better ones! As filthy as you like!


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