Ruby Red Lips – Relaunched in Deluxe Edition

Since my Virtual Girl sexy POV shorts first appeared they have shocked and sometimes divided readers.

Some have wanted more romance. Virtual Girl is not about romance.

These are raw sex fantasies, creating a POV experience in which the reader assumes the ‘point-of-view’ of my Virtual Girl’s lucky lover.

Within the intimacy of an e-reader or computer this creates a mesmerising and arousing erotic experience.

As one reviewer – a leading erotic writer – noted of the series: These are stories “from an author at the thrusting edge of erotica. Her style puts you right at the centre of the action and lets you live out all of your wildest fantasies.”

“I can’t stop dreaming about sex. But I’ve a problem: I just want to let people do things to me. I just want my body to be their plaything.
I want my pussy, ass and mouth fucked. I want hands all over me. I want lips on my tits, in my ass and pussy.
I want bite marks on my shoulder. Slap marks on my butt.
I want to be desired and devoured. I want to be ravished. I want your rough hands and your hard hips.”
Virtual Girl

Ruby Red Lips on Kindle UK

Ruby Red Lips on Kindle US

Ruby Red Lips for other e-readers and computer download

* So what is POV? This video should give you some idea of the effect created by Pippa May’s Virtual Girl.

Carefully Applying Red Lipstick To Her Lips

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