The Lovers’ Hotel.

The bedside telephone rings three times.

It is the signal. He is here.

I am almost ready. I take out a small vanity mirror and check my lipstick. I need a little more. They like ruby red lips. They like to imagine them on their face, their chest, their hard cock.

Oh, yes, especially their hard cock.

They fantasize about the lipstick marks.

There is a tap at the door. I wait.

I wonder what he looks like. Young, old. Brown, blond. Handsome. I hope so. But it does not matter.

I am ready.

“Come in,” I say.


The ride

carOkay. I’m looking. I’m thinking.

I drop my hip cos I know what this does to you. I know that gap between my stockings and my short short dress just drives you wild.

What are you gonna do?

You coming for me?

Your Virtual Girl is here for you…

You want me to get in the car? I bet you do, baby.

Let’s wait and see.

No, I know, you can’t wait. You can’t stop staring at me.

Well, make up your mind. Tell me what you want.

Cos if don’t, I’m gone.

“Turn to the wall…”



Midnight. The Lovers’ Hotel.

She strips, her eyes only on him. He lays back on the bed. Black trousers, belt unbuckled. White shirt unbuttoned, bow tie loose at his neck.

She moves toward him.

“Not yet,” he said, his white teeth flashing in the darkness. “Turn to the wall. Let me look at you.”

Me and Anna and Me

“At first she was tensed up as though there was a scream inside her she couldn’t let out. Then she just let it go. A long single scream somewhere between pleasure and pain, like she was on a rollercoaster as we both fucked and fucked her. She was so tight in the ass I knew I couldn’t hold it and as I was coming, it felt like my balls were emptying out everything they had, as I was coming he came inside her pussy too.”

This is red hot. It’s from a fellow erotic writer’s blog.

Warning: You may need to change your undies after reading it.

Pippa xx


The sexiness of a mirror’s reflection

I tweeted about the sexiness of mirrors and the erotic potential of a lover’s, or indeed your own, reflection the other day – and it really struck a cord with my friends and followers.

Here’s a small tribute to that feeling, courtesy of the wonderful Elena Anaya.

The stills are taken from the erotic and haunting movie ‘Sex and Lucia’.
elena_anaya_sex_and%20lucia0007 elena_anaya_sex_and%20lucia0008 elena_anaya_sex_and%20lucia0009


On my Twitter account recently (@pantsdownabbey) I tried an experiment: to improvise an erotic story in a series of tweets.

I’ve reprinted it below as I wrote it. Each line was a tweet.

I sort of feel like it is unfinished. Feel free to finish it in the comments section! x

It went like this.

A Reflection?


A quiet hotel in the country. Her eyes are cast down coyly as he books them in.

The receptionist throws her glance. She looks away. The man leads her up the stairs.

As they climb the stairs his hand brushes her bottom through the thin cotton dress. She longs to get to their room.

He stands behind her, his body touching hers, as he turns the key in the lock.

It was a typical country hotel room. Double bed with blue check duvet. A chair. A chest of drawers.

All was just as it should be. Except one thing. But they ignored that now as they clung together in a deep, warm kiss.

They stripped hurriedly and she lay back, lifting her knees as his beautiful mouth moved between her thighs.

She let out a long satisfied moan & reached down to run a hand through his dark hair. Her fingers tightened.

The stranger’s tongue & lips had not know her before, but they quickly brought her to the edge of orgasm.

She lifted her head from the bed and begged him not to stop.


Her orgasm crashed over her & while she was still catching her breath, he climbed over her and…

…lifted her on to her all-fours.

He stroked her, ran his hand under her and entered her wet sex. She lifted her head.

In this position she could no longer close out from her mind what was extraordinary about this hotel.

As he held her sides & thrust into her she looked straight ahead, and watched what might have been a reflection. But it wasn’t.

Where normally there would have been a mirror on the wall, there was an internal window.

Then in the far wall of the neighbouring room was another window. The next room had another window. And so on.

She stared into the eyes of the woman in the next room. Her eyes were wide, her mouth open.

Both were being taken by strangers. Both were being watched. And both were watching.

She tried to make out figures beyond. Legs in the air. Mouths crying out in pleasure. Eyes watching her…

…Staring at her breasts as they moved with each thrust of the gorgeous silent stranger behind her.

And then she was coming, and he was coming, and the hunk & sweetheart next door were coming, and the two girls beyond…

& as the pleasure shuddered through her, she heard the whole hotel come alive with the gasps & cries of their illicit ecstasy.


Inquisition Uncovered Nuns’ Love Affair

To paraphrase ‘Monty Python’: nobody expects the Inquisition – least of all two lesbian nuns in Florence.

Although what the inquisitors discovered in the city state was to be something they did not expect themselves.

Between 1619 and 1623 an all-male team of investigators looked into the mystical visions of a nun named Bernedetta Carlini.

During their inquisition they were shocked to discover that Carlini was having a sexual relationship with another nun, Bartolomea Crivelli.

They noted that for two years, two or three times a week, Carlini would go to her cell, disrobe and go to bed to wait for her companion.


Crivelli would arrive, undress and join her lover under the blanket.

Carlini would then begin “kissing her as if she were a man”.

She would “stir” on top of Crivelli so much that “both of them corrupted themselves”.

Sometimes for two or three hours, “Bernedetta, in order to have greater pleasure, put her face between the other’s breasts and kissed them, and wanted always to be thus on her”.

Carlini, the investigators noted, was the instigator.

They wrote that sometimes she “would grab her companion’s hand by force, put it under herself” and she “would put her fingers in her genitals and hold it there. She stirred herself so much that she corrupted herself”.


Carlini imagined herself as a male angel as she made love to Crivelli but the inquisitors found the two were very much in love.

No further action was taken. Not out of sympathy or goodness of heart, but because the love affair would embarrass the church.

The relationship had to end, though, and the nuns were sent to different convents.

* Read more in ‘Lascivious Bodies’ by Julie Peakman.