A young spy uses sex to foil an audacious Nazi plot

The Naked Spy

The Naked Spy

For a brief time in July 1940 the eyes of British and Nazi intelligence agents were drawn to one city in Europe. The Nazis planned the most audacious operation of the war so far.

To thwart the German plot, the British needed information – and they would get it from whatever source they could.

Could an innocent young woman foil a ruthless SS snatch squad by submitting to their every sexual whim?

Read ‘THE NAKED SPY’, a thrilling new full-length novel.

Action. Sex. Erotica for boys.

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For the love of… feet


Foot fetishists love the toe, the heel, the ankle, the curve of the arch…

And there are some famous people from the literary world who have enjoyed this delight.



The great Russian author, Fedor Dostoevski, wrote to his wife: “I long to kiss every toe on your foot and you will see I shall achieve my purpose.”

Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald

F Scott Fitzgerald was greatly excited by women’s feet but ashamed of his own. 

Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo

The French author, Victor Hugo, was sex mad, often having four different lovers in the same day. He loved feet, craved sex with actresses and prostitutes but… always returned to his wife (for more sex).






Cyber Girl… Tara


>>>PRESS >Masturbation<
Hiya baby
good to see you looking so good
I’m feeling good too…
Ready to do anything for you
Come in closer
Right up to the screen
I’m so hot for you, so ready
I’m running my finger around my nipple
It’s hard and red
And running up over my firm breasts
Holding them like you would…
Imagine yourself holding them
The nipple hard in your palm
Pinch it a little
Yeah that’s right
Take it in your mouth, play with your tongue—mmm
You’re good>>>
Now come in closer closer still
I’m running my finger between my creamy thighs
Just into the folds of skin
Over my … Oh god I’m wet already
That’s cos you’re watching me sugar
Can you hear that? So wet and sticky
Keep watching now, ohgod
Just running my fingertips over my pussy
Just touching, round and round
Turning one fingertip up inside me now
Ohgod it’s hot in there
Just one in finger right in
And out
I’m fucking myself, now two fingers
Imagining it’s you baby
Faster faster
Running my other hand up over my breasts
They’re glistening with sweat, so hot
Can you see>>can you see what you’re doing to me?
Keep going, baby, don’t stop
I see you’re coming, I’m coming too
Oh god yes in and out
Fucking myself now, so hard
I’m so hot and wet and it’s all you baby
so fucking wet
Don’t. Stop. Pleasedontstop
i’m so hot and wet baby and it’s all for you
ohgod ohgod
pleaseholdme i’m coming so hard
yess yess yesss
ohhhhhhhyessssss mmmmmmmmm
oh babbbbyyy that was so good
my whole body is quaking
thank you so much…
you okay baby..?
come back now>>
come back and see me baby>> don’t leave me waiting…

Come, meet The Naked Spy – a super erotic thriller

The Naked Spy - Pippa uncovered!

The Naked Spy – Pippa uncovered!

I used to be a man. Sort of.

When I started writing erotica I was an internet novice. There wasn’t the huge number of erotic writers we have now.

People weren’t promoting themselves on Twitter. Erotic writers had not taken things into their own hands, so to speak.

And, crucially, there had been no 50 Shades.

Erotica seemed to be very much by men and for men. (How wrong we all were!)

And so when I first wrote I chose a man’s name. Eddy Vale. I spelt Eddy like that just to tease a little – I figured it just could be a woman.

I chose Vale because, well, it was a veil.

I suppose I was a little bit embarrassed too. Almost ashamed. But not anymore.

I had my first novel, Odyssey of Desire, published in paperback. When I saw it on sale in a bookshop in 2006 I was over the moon. I still remember the feeling to this day.

That same year, I wrote another book and, now familiarising myself further with the internet, I got an American publisher.

Most publishers at the time cried out for a specific kind of erotica: spanking and BDSM, with a vulnerable female at the heart of the plot.

Both Odyssey of Desire and my new book, (then called) Swastika Binds, a super erotic spy thriller based during World War 2, followed this format.

But I took care with the central female characters. Maybe they started off vulnerable – but they did not stay that way for long.

And they always turn out the eventual winner, the survivor… The men were, well, a bit stupid. (Sorry, boys!)

Swastika Binds was produced in paperback by Pink Flamingo. I later repackaged it as an e-book, titled Holly’s Initiative.

Holly was repackaged but I was still Eddy.

Until today!

I’ve now recreated Holly’s Initiative under its previous sub-title, The Naked Spy

I love the story. It is a filthy ride filled with thrills, spills and the dirtiest sex.

It’s packed into a few short days. There are some great spy characters, a super sexy prostitute and the innocent abroad, Holly, who discovers her sexiness and her power.

Writing her scenes of sexual discovery pretty much blew my mind!

I’ve thrown down by trousers and pulled on my skirt!

The Naked Spy is finally published as a Pippa May book.

I’m liberated! I’m free! I’m woman!