Cyber Girl… Tara


>>>PRESS >Masturbation<
Hiya baby
good to see you looking so good
I’m feeling good too…
Ready to do anything for you
Come in closer
Right up to the screen
I’m so hot for you, so ready
I’m running my finger around my nipple
It’s hard and red
And running up over my firm breasts
Holding them like you would…
Imagine yourself holding them
The nipple hard in your palm
Pinch it a little
Yeah that’s right
Take it in your mouth, play with your tongue—mmm
You’re good>>>
Now come in closer closer still
I’m running my finger between my creamy thighs
Just into the folds of skin
Over my … Oh god I’m wet already
That’s cos you’re watching me sugar
Can you hear that? So wet and sticky
Keep watching now, ohgod
Just running my fingertips over my pussy
Just touching, round and round
Turning one fingertip up inside me now
Ohgod it’s hot in there
Just one in finger right in
And out
I’m fucking myself, now two fingers
Imagining it’s you baby
Faster faster
Running my other hand up over my breasts
They’re glistening with sweat, so hot
Can you see>>can you see what you’re doing to me?
Keep going, baby, don’t stop
I see you’re coming, I’m coming too
Oh god yes in and out
Fucking myself now, so hard
I’m so hot and wet and it’s all you baby
so fucking wet
Don’t. Stop. Pleasedontstop
i’m so hot and wet baby and it’s all for you
ohgod ohgod
pleaseholdme i’m coming so hard
yess yess yesss
ohhhhhhhyessssss mmmmmmmmm
oh babbbbyyy that was so good
my whole body is quaking
thank you so much…
you okay baby..?
come back now>>
come back and see me baby>> don’t leave me waiting…

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