The Naked Spy



A spy novel which brings a new meaning to diplomatic relations. The world of spies and intrigue is in the literally brought to a climax in hotbed of 1940’s Lisbon

Holly goes under (not much) cover to help reveal a plot to kidnap a very important person to all sides during World War 2. With Ana by her side will she manage to defeat the nefarious SS plot? I could tell you but surely reading it yourself would be better!!

With action taking place in both Berlin and Lisbon this tale of what could really have happened, and maybe it really did will keep your heart rate up from the start.
The story reads really well, the author has taken a germ of an idea from a historical period thought about a plot and weaved her tale around it. Interweaving erotic situations for all of the protagonists and interweaving the protagonists in erotic situations the reader is taken on a ride through the their experiences.
Really enjoyed it, as a reader with an interest in World War 2 this book adds a dimension most of the thrillers leave alone and does it well!