Pippa May says that writing erotica is something she does out of a burning desire to thrill herself – and her readers.

Her novel, ‘Pantsdown Abbey’, is a steamy, hilarious parody which will shock, tickle and arouse in equal measure.

It is set among the masters and servants of an Edwardian country home where bodices are ripped, wenches are comely and buxom, and cads are handsome as sin.

‘Pantsdown Abbey’ is a heaving bosom of fun, frolics and fornication. If PG Wodehouse and Anais Nin had a love child, this would be it!

Pippa told one interviewer: “I’m just a great fan of all costume dramas. I watch them all. And what struck me is that they are all really about sex. About who is thinking about it or who is having it.
“They are often about how people repressing those desires but they are having them just like you, me and anybody around now. That’s the way I see them anyway. Maybe it’s just me!”

The story starts with the future of the Pantsdown Estate in doubt. Young Lady May heads to Edwardian London to seek to ensure she inherits what’s hers.

But it is hot in the city – and no-one needs to dress for the kinds of parties her hostess is having.

Back at Pantsdown, the gorgeous, jodhpur-clad Countess, Caroline, is enjoying more than a cream tea in the afternoons – having discovered the gamekeeper’s chopper deep in Pantsdown Woods.

And something is stirring for His Lordship too. The saucy new maid has got plans for him. Her name is Grey – but will they get along just spankingly?

This filthy new book has something for everyone. Load up your Kindle, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for Pantsdown!

Before her novel, Pippa had cornered the market in first person POV (point of view) erotic short stories. In ‘Ruby Red Lips’ and ‘Caught In The Act’, Pippa described a sex fantasy directly to the reader, involving them in the act itself. They are currently unavailable, pending a major new project for Pippa in 2014.

“I want to get as intimate as I can with the reader,” she says. “E-readers and Kindles mean I can create a fantasy in which I am talking directly to them. That’s very erotic for me and hopefully very sexy for the reader.”

She lives in London and, by day, she works in sales.

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