A Pillow On A Lazy Afternoon

Afternoon. Nothing doing.

An empty house. Just me and the cat.

Cat’s too lazy, but I got a plan.

Prepare the floor. Get my pillow. Slip it under my naked pussy.

Close my eyes. Concentrate.

Grind. Mmm. I’m running up that hill, up that hill, ooohhh!

So good.

“I can’t stop thinking about you…” VIDEO

He wasn’t the guy I should have been with.

I had a boyfriend. A cute guy who treated me well.

But then there was him. He wanted me. He followed me. He begged to go with him.

He was bad. And I liked to tease him. It gave me power of this tough guy who everybody feared.

I knew I was stoking up a fire. It’s what I wanted to do.

But when the flames took hold, well, I couldn’t control him.

I’d made him want me and there was no going back.

“I can’t stop thinking about you…” he said.