The Lovers’ Hotel.

The bedside telephone rings three times.

It is the signal. He is here.

I am almost ready. I take out a small vanity mirror and check my lipstick. I need a little more. They like ruby red lips. They like to imagine them on their face, their chest, their hard cock.

Oh, yes, especially their hard cock.

They fantasize about the lipstick marks.

There is a tap at the door. I wait.

I wonder what he looks like. Young, old. Brown, blond. Handsome. I hope so. But it does not matter.

I am ready.

“Come in,” I say.

A young spy uses sex to foil an audacious Nazi plot

The Naked Spy

The Naked Spy

For a brief time in July 1940 the eyes of British and Nazi intelligence agents were drawn to one city in Europe. The Nazis planned the most audacious operation of the war so far.

To thwart the German plot, the British needed information – and they would get it from whatever source they could.

Could an innocent young woman foil a ruthless SS snatch squad by submitting to their every sexual whim?

Read ‘THE NAKED SPY’, a thrilling new full-length novel.

Action. Sex. Erotica for boys.

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For the love of… feet


Foot fetishists love the toe, the heel, the ankle, the curve of the arch…

And there are some famous people from the literary world who have enjoyed this delight.



The great Russian author, Fedor Dostoevski, wrote to his wife: “I long to kiss every toe on your foot and you will see I shall achieve my purpose.”

Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald

F Scott Fitzgerald was greatly excited by women’s feet but ashamed of his own. 

Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo

The French author, Victor Hugo, was sex mad, often having four different lovers in the same day. He loved feet, craved sex with actresses and prostitutes but… always returned to his wife (for more sex).