Pantsdown Abbey – Interview with Pippa May

Ahead of the launch of Pantsdown Abbey, publisher Blue Angel Nights spoke to Pippa May about the writing of her cheeky new novel.

Blue Angel Nights: How did you come up with the idea for Pantsdown Abbey?

Pippa May: I’m just a great fan of all costume dramas. I watch them all. And what struck me is that they are all really about sex. About who is thinking about it or who is having it. They are often about how people are repressing those desires but they are having them just like you, me and anybody around now.

That’s the way I see them anyway. Maybe it’s just me!

Blue: Maybe it is!

PM: Maybe. I think also there is much else that is very sexy about them. The clothes. The master and servant relationship. It’s all there.

Costume dramas are all sex between the lines – I’ve put it between the sheets, in the woodshed, you name it!

Blue: How did you get into writing in the first place?

PM: I’m at home or on the road alone most of the time. I’ve had stories going around in my head for years. They drive you mad unless you write them down. I’ve had a few experience myself too – and that helps!

Blue: Experiences? They say you should write about what you know. Did you follow that rule?

PM: Is it a rule? If so, maybe no I didn’t. It’s not about a thirty-something living in London, is it? Maybe the next one will be.

Blue: Not more Pantsdown? I think people will want more Pantsdown!

PM: I hope so. It’s my intention to turn them into a series. I’m working on the second plot now.

Blue: Could you tell us about it?

PM: Not yet! More sexy new characters. More maids and lords! More of the Countess!

Blue: Do you have a favourite character?

PM: Oh, I couldn’t say. I love them all. But I adore writing the Countess, Lady Caroline. She has a filthy mouth and a filthy mind!

Blue: Thanks, Pippa. Good luck with the book.

PM: Thank you! And thanks to everyone who buys it. Bye!

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