Folks seem to love my books! And I love my readers right back x


“A great book”

Emma Styles

author of the bestselling First Tango in Paris

“The most buxom, comely, caddish book ever!”

Carla Croft

Author of Miyuki: The Silence of Deep Snow

and from readers:

“A great story from a writer at the ‘Thrusting Edge’ of modern erotica”

“This is no Downtown Abbey… Think Fanny Hill meets Lady Chatterley!”

“If you are looking for something out of the extraordinary Miss May has done it again… You are right in there, in the heat and heart of the action… I can’t get enough. Steamy? It’s beyond steamy.”

“Very erotic style…Very turned on.”

“Her style puts you right at the centre of the action and, as she says herself, lets you live out all of your wildest fantasies. A must read. If you are into Erotica you will be into this.”

“Different and imaginative slant on the genre by Pippa…cool & sexy!”

 “Turns you on.”

out for a ride

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