The Naked Spy - Pippa uncovered!

The Naked Spy – Pippa uncovered!


I used to be a man. Sort of.

When I started writing erotica I was an internet novice. There wasn’t the huge number of erotic writers we have now.

People weren’t promoting themselves on Twitter. Erotic writers had not taken things into their own hands, so to speak.

And, crucially, there had been no 50 Shades.

Erotica seemed to be very much by men and for men. (How wrong we all were!)

And so when I first wrote I chose a man’s name. Eddy Vale. I spelt Eddy like that just to tease a little – I figured it just could be a woman.

I chose Vale because, well, it was a veil.

I suppose I was a little bit embarrassed too. Almost ashamed. But not anymore.

I had my first novel, Odyssey of Desire, published in paperback. When I saw it on sale in a bookshop in 2006 I was over the moon. I still remember the feeling to this day.

That same year, I wrote another book and, now familiarising myself further with the internet, I got an American publisher.

Most publishers at the time cried out for a specific kind of erotica: spanking and BDSM, with a vulnerable female at the heart of the plot.

Both Odyssey of Desire and my new book, (then called) Swastika Binds, a super erotic spy thriller based during World War 2, followed this format.

But I took care with the central female characters. Maybe they started off vulnerable – but they did not stay that way for long.

And they always turn out the eventual winner, the survivor… The men were, well, a bit stupid. (Sorry, boys!)

Swastika Binds was produced in paperback by Pink Flamingo. I later repackaged it as an e-book, now titled Holly’s Initiative.

Holly was repackaged but I was still Eddy.

Until today!

I’ve now recreated Holly’s Initiative under its previous sub-title, The Naked Spy…

I love the story. It is a filthy ride filled with thrills, spills and the dirtiest sex.

It’s packed into a few short days. There are some great spy characters, a super sexy prostitute and the innocent abroad, Holly, who discovers her sexiness and her power.

Writing her scenes of sexual discovery pretty much blew my mind!

I’ve thrown down by trousers and pulled on my skirt!

The Naked Spy is finally published as a Pippa May book.

I’m liberated! I’m free! I’m woman!



A fast-paced thriller packed with hardcore sex…

In neutral Lisbon an innocent young woman submits to the will of elite SS soldiers taking part in one of the most audacious plots of World War II. By submitting to their every sex whim can she foil their dastardly plan?

This is a full-length novel of approximately 44,700 words.



Ana took Holly’s face between her hands. Holly looked into her deep, dark eyes and felt a skip of excitement in her stomach. It was like those moments when Henry had taken her out on his motorcycle and had sped towards a tight corner.

“I will show you how to make love for a man,” Ana said. “And then I will teach you how to submit. It is through submission that we will do what we have to do here.”

Ana unbuttoned Holly’s blouse and pushed it off her shoulders. Even the slightest touch of fingertips on her skin made Holly shiver. It was not necessarily the beauty of the other girl: touches like this was so rare. And she had never been undressed like this in broad daylight.

Ana studied Holly’s breasts. They were pushing through her bra. They were fairly large with dark nipples.

She went behind Holly, unhooked the bra and then unfastened the zip at the back of the tweed dress. Underneath Holly wore a silk pair of knickers which reached halfway down her thighs.

Ana pushed these down to the floor too. Holly shut her eyes and began to pretend this was happening to someone else. She was so afraid she might give away her mix of terror and excitement with a gasp or a whimper.

She shut her eyes as Ana bent down in front of her and unfastened the suspender belt.

Then came the longest touch of all. Ana’s hands moved all the way down her legs, from her trembling thighs to her feet as she rolled off Holly’s suspenders.

Holly was shaking now.

“You have very soft skin,” Ana told her.

Holly smiled weakly.

Ana ran her hands up her flanks and felt her jump a little when her fingers came to her breasts.

Ana moved Holly to the bed and leaned forward to close her mouth firmly over one of her nipples. The act completely shocked Holly. She did not even know a woman could do this to another woman. Ana’s hair on her chest sent sensations through her.

Then she realised Ana was doing something with her nipple inside her mouth. She was flicking and playing with it between her tongue and teeth.

Holly felt at first an overwhelming shame and embarrassment which broke into a wave of pleasure. She realised she was arching her back.

“Oh, God,” she muttered and looked to the ceiling.

Then Ana’s fingers were moving up her thigh. She cupped her hand first over the soft hairs at the base of Holly’s belly and then began to rub gently.

“A man will want to maul and suck your breasts, Holly,” Ana said. “And very quickly he will want to come here.” She bent a finger between Holly’s pussy lips and the English woman jumped. “He will not want to wait. He will want to force himself into this part, whether you are ready or not. You can help make yourself ready.”

She moved three fingers up and down over Holly’s mound. “You can do this or hold his hand tight as he does so. Hold your other breast. Now feed it into my mouth.”

Oh God, Holly thought, my body is betraying me. I know I should stop but I can’t. Her hips were moving with Ana’s hand.

And then her fingers reached up to touch her own flesh and to guide her left nipple between Ana’s soft lips.

Ana’s smooth tongue and lips devoured the crest of Holly’s breast and then worked around the underside, its soft flanks.

“Enjoy the tenderness,” Ana said. “But beware the desperation.”

She forced a finger inside Holly and began to move it in and out, quickening her pace as Holly’s flesh began to give up its resistance.

Ana leaned back to watch Holly’s face. It showed a mixture of confusion, pain and pleasure. Her mouth was open, her nervous lips dry. Her eyes were questioning, seeming to ask what was happening to her body.

Ana moved her finger in a circular movement as she penetrated Holly.

“This is just the beginning, Holly,” she said and began to unbutton her own blouse. She pulled it back over her shoulders and revealed her beautiful, tanned breasts.

She moved her naked torso between Holly’s legs and began to search inside the younger girl with her hot tongue. It twisted and tasted the secret parts of the young English woman, exploring with experience and care. It moved slowly and carefully, feeding on Holly’s most sensitive parts and forcing the girl to lift her hips from the bed.

Holly’s mind was racing, sounds rushing through like the crackle of night static on a crystal radio set. All at once she was wondering how a girl’s mouth could touch her there, what she tasted like, what was making her feel so good, whether she would go straight to hell.

Then – just as Holly could not bear her to stop – Ana drew back and reached into a drawer. Holly reached out for her and her hand wafted in the air.

Ana returned with a large item that Holly had never seen before. It was long and smooth and wooden. She thought of Hardy’s pipe, but this was straight with a rounded end. Her body knew what is what before her brain did – she instinctively recognised it without even knowing of its existence seconds before. Her buttocks lifted off the bed.

Ana began to turn the dildo’s head against the glistening entrance to Holly’s pussy. To tease the hole. Excite the skin.

She moved it up and down, rubbed its length along Holly’s lips, along the smooth hairless skin of her upper thighs.

Then she slipped it straight towards Holly’s lips and allowed the head to be swallowed by Holly’s aching desire.

Holly felt like she had been shot through with an electric charge. It made her hips move and her belly quake. The muscles of her shoulders and face froze.

Again, as Ana started to move in a rhythm on Holly, she stopped.

Now she tied the straps on the end of the dildo around her waist and held the straight, hard rod in her hands.

She leaned on the bed above Holly and touched its head to her pussy.

She looked down into the younger girl’s eyes. They were filled with expectation, fear, excitement.

Holly’s neck strained as she looked down her body.

“I want you to show me,” Ana said, “how you would enjoy a man.”

And with that she squeezed the dildo’s head into Holly’s pussy and pushed through.

Holly gasped, put her hand in her mouth and rolled her head from side to side. The dildo was huge. It was splitting her. “Oh! Oh, please!”

Then it drew back: an amazing feeling as its sides rubbed against her. She felt every nerve-ending in her body scream with delight. Her breath rushed out of her as if she had just sat in a freezing bath.

Ana plunged forward again. Holly panted and shouted. “Oh, God! Oh, God! OH, GOD!”

She felt her body melting. Her thighs and belly turned to a hot sweet mush. Her hands gripped the bed sheet.

She opened her eyes wide and watched Ana’s face. She was feeling it too, although she tried to remain dispassionate.

Holly could not understand what was turning Ana on.

Ana moved back and for quickly now and bit her lip. She listened to the sounds of this girl filling the room. She was hearing these sounds for the first time, she told herself. This girl, this body, was finding pleasure which she had never felt before. She wanted the girl to come now and keep on coming for soon she would have to show her the cane.

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